Author: Genadiy Zakladnuy

Reading reviews linings Xiom, you may have noticed that I have promised to test the base Xiom Zetro Quad. So, just as I took it on trial basis. Say is that. First, if I made a review of the base after the first 3 days, believe me, nothing good about it you would not be reading. And, mind you, make almost everyone who writes reviews of table tennis equipment. Played for three days, and here's a ready-made articles. Read and rejoice. This approach is the cause of all kinds of false information. And it concerns overlap more than reason. You I think it's already explains.

  Well, my first impressions of the stump: fast. Very quickly. Have control, but the speed is so great that I do not have time to handle the ball! The only thing I liked from the beginning of this feed. I did not feel any discomfort. Supply, in theory, was to take off, but for some reason it get shortened. It was the first thing that I hinted that Zetro Quad is not so lost.

  Day, two, three, week - nothing changed. He continued to play only because he was a keen interest. This kind of reason I have not played in his career. I wanted something new. As time went on, I drove.

  I understood that the main advantage of a base - is the rational use of technology. Using the speed of the opponent - quickly and sharply to return him the ball.

  Adaptation period has passed. The tree was running-in period, a little vybilos. Speed ​​base habit. Then I began to notice the nuances. Since the top layer of the base is made of hinoki wood, and this gives the ground soft and control, to the captivity feel the ball a split second delay on the surface. Feel the vibration in the handle. You feel like he hits the ball. Yes, it is not on par with the bases and OFF ALL series, but still ... It is a pleasant feeling and this catch the buzz. Exactly the same as the effect of the lining of plywood. Reset short ball was stable. Opt for a corner and spend the racquet. The ball flies to wherever he was sent. Can not be said in the case of slow base where the ball while touching the captive still need to be processed, giving it more speed.

  Next - interesting. Block. Do not have time to process, put the bat - the ball bounced off the side of the opponent. No discomfort - just the angle racket. Also no problem with the far zone. Everything on the table. Less - topspin lopping. Need to pay more attention to handling the ball.

  Tried under lining Xiom Omega 4 Pro, Xiom Omega 4 Euro, Xiom Omega 3 Euro. As for me, for Xiom Zetro Quad rigid plates are more suitable. The base is really trustworthy. As long as I play them and I do not intend to.

 I just want to remind you. Each manufacturer has its own rating scale speed and control. Many of you have noticed that the same Xiom Stradivarius is classified OFF +. To be specific - Xiom Stradivarius copy of the same base Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit OFF. Xiom company can not set itself the task to copy the base, but still be given a identical. That is, the racquet Xiom Stradivarius same Timo Boll Spirit OFF. Compared with Zetro Quad, Stradivarius thinner, lighter and more rigid. But Zetro Quad clearly faster. It can be related to all the same familiar to us scale. OFF +.

  I would also like to focus strongly on your attention to the lining Xiom Omega 3 Euro, which is tested in the test base. And he was really surprised. It's not just because Ryu Seung Min played this plate! This is the same Bryce Speed ​​FX. Speed ​​of the ball is the same. Pad is the same light and control. There is a visual difference. Internal spines lining Omega 3 larger. Not as big as the Butterfly Tenergy 25, but there are more. In my view, this is really a good alternative for those who like Bryce Speed ​​FX. And the rotation at the Xiom Omega 3 slightly better.

  Over time, I and many experts such a fine sport like table tennis, more give their preference inventory company Xiom. The authority of the buyer win difficult. Only a quality product worthy.

Date: 21 January 2013